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Based in South Africa, MRC Group provide a unique ‘cradle to grave’ service for the supply, installation and maintenance of Promats Durasteel® Fire & Blast Protection systems in Africa. Durasteel® internationally tested Fire & Blast Protection systems provide up to 4 hour fire protection, high blast and impact resistance, long term durability against marine, moisture and cellulose & hydrocarbon fires. Initial inspection, defect diagnosis, specification, installation and maintenance of Fire Walls & Ceilings | Hinged and Sliding Fire Doors | Fire Barriers | Blast Walls | Transformer & Valve Enclosures | Fireproof Vaults & Ducts.

What is Durasteel®?

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Firewalls, Barriers & Partitions

Durasteel® Fire Ceilings

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Durasteel® Hinged & Sliding Fire Doors