Durasteel® Technical Data

Composite insulation board

DURASTEEL® consists of a calcium silicate core reinforced on both sides with perforated galvanised steel covering sheets.

The punched lugs in the steel sheets are pressed into the core board giving the DURASTEEL® composite board a very high mechanical strength once the drying process is finished.

DURASTEEL® comes in two thicknesses and the material is classified as class A1, non-combustible.

Technical data

Thickness mm 9.5
Building material class DIN 4102 A1, non-combustible
Classification temperature
Permanent stress
Short term up to
Bulk density kg/m3 2210
Cold compressive strength N/mm2 60
Bending strength N/mm2 84
Modulus of elasticity E N/mm2 40000
Thermal conductivity
20 ºC
W/m K 0.55
Sound insulation dB 30
Board weight kg/m2 21
Moisture content (air-dry) % 6
Water absorption % 14

Delivery Sizes

Thickness mm 9.5
Length mm 2500
Width mm  1200

Other sizes are available on request.

Production Tolerances

Thickness mm ±1.0
Length & Width mm  ±2.0